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 Singing and dancing has been radiating throughout Briana ever since she could remember. Her love of performing manifested itself on the evening of her preschool graduation. It was evident to everyone around her that her world was the stage. A bright glow emitted from her as she sang her songs and danced to their rhythms. Her face lit up with enthusiasm and excitement. She shocked her teachers, friends, and parents since everyone knew Briana as a mild mannered and reserved child. That evening, she transformed into an ultimate performer, which is truly her passion and gift. Give this girl a stage and watch her shine!


Briana began formal dance training at the early age of three. She studies Musical Theater, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet at The Star Maker School located in Clinton, New Jersey. She excels as a Tap dancer and has earned first place overall awards at various dance competitions throughout the state.


At the age of seven, she began formal vocal and performance training. Her greatest award thus far was earning the title of Miss Mini Onstage New York for her vocal performance along with her special award for Acting and Storytelling. Recently, she performed in the 25th Annual New Jersey Elementary Honor Choir Festival and American Young Voices. Now that she is a member of The Broadway Mentors Program, she continues to fine-tune her vocal instrument and continues to grow as a performer. She is humbled and honored to be able to spark emotions in her audience, which is what she strives to achieve in each performance.


Briana also studies Acting and is excited to explore the world of Film, TV, and Commercials. She recently completed a commercial project for DFDS Seaways playing Hannah, the youngest daughter in a family of four. Working a nine-hour day left Briana exhilarated and eager for more projects to come her way!


Briana is very involved in her community and public school. She is a member of her local Girl Scout troop and performs solos in her school musical concerts. She plays the trumpet in the school band. She is a Student Ambassador and an active member in the Sustainable Action Squad--Go Green! She just began playing softball and is working hard to assist her team achieve victories.


When Briana is not busy, she simply enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She values the time she spends with her loved ones and never wants the day or night to end when she is with them. Others feel the exact same way about Briana when they are in her presence. Her positive attitude and joy for life are highly contagious!

Briana Kraucheunas

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