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Ed Lewis

Voice Over Casting Director/Director

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Ed originally got into Voice Direction through animation. He has had a long relationship with Nickelodeon, Disney and PIXAR. Whether a goofy kids' animated show or something more serious, Ed always treats every project with the same care and respect.

Right out of college Ed worked in casting for film, TV and theater. He has worked on everything from Broadway shows, to major motion pictures to episodic television and everything in between. The variety of projects he has worked on makes him a very diverse director.

During the casting process, not only did Ed direct actors for auditions, he was also able to watch amazing directors work with actors. It is this time spent in casting which taught him how to communicate with professional actors of all stripes.

Ed has directed and produced over 200 audio books. He has directed or produced everything from novels to text books to picture books for Kindergartners.

Ed has cast well over 500 commercials for brands ranging from national (Coke, Lexus, Google) to regional (Publix, Meijer, Wawa). He has also directed Voice Over for a number of commercial campaigns.

Ed has directed a number of large games for Ubisoft from the open-world Far Cry 4, to the multi-player shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. He is also working on other titles for Ubisoft and EA that are still confidential.

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