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Unprotected Natasha Joel Kingsbury

Compunction Julia Ilan Amouyal



Humor Games Effee Trinket BCMS

Christmas Cinderella Sam Villagers Theatre

Music Man Gracie Shinn NBADG

Olympiaganza Eurydice BCMS

Peter Pan Christmas Barbie Villagers Theatre

Wizard of Oz Dorothy StonyBrook

Shrek the Musical Young Fiona/Baby Bear Plays in the Park –Edison

Les Miserables Young Eponine Plays in the Park-Edison

Cinderella Lady of Court Starlight Theatre

Fiddler on the Roof Bielke Middlesex County College

Snow White Dwarf Somerset Valley Players

Wizard of Oz Munchkin MSM

Seussical Who Child Starlight Theatre

Greatest Christmas Pageant Gladys MSM

Tom Sawyer School Girl Somerset Valley Players

A Christmas Carol Belinda/Want Somerset Valley Players

Joseph Technicolor Children’s Choir Somerset Valley Players



Terry Doerner Geerdts Gund

Toys R Us~ Big Book TRU


Music Video

No Room for Bullies Julia Ray Anderson “Mr. Ray”

Peanut Butter Julia KeyBoard Cathy



Acting Kathleen Currie

Voice Joy Lober Anderson

WorkShops and Camps

Wingspan Arts Summer Conservatory 2016

Booking the Job Workshop Brooke Procida Ritchie

Julia McKenna

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